Crespelle Basic Recipe

Pancackes recipe

Crespelle are paper-thin pancakes, the Italian equivalent of France’s crêpes, and just
like the French version, they can be served either sweet or savory. Crespelle with
spinach and ricotta are sometimes called ‘Panzerotti’

crepes basic recipe

Preparation and Ingredients for the Crepes

Prep 15 min
Rest 30 min
Chill 3-5 min
Cook 4 min
Make 8 pancakes.
Difficulty Nooooooo. Easy

– 2 large eggs
– 100 gr plain flour
– pinch of salt
– 250 ml milk
– 20 ml olive oil
– a little oil for frying

pancackes basic recipe

How to make the Pancakes:

Place the eggs in a large bowl and beat them. Add flour, salt, and olive oil. Whisk
well until the mixture is lump-free. Add half the milk and mix. Add the remaining milk
and whisk again until smooth. Let sit for 30 minutes. You can easily make this batter
in a food processor.
Heat a 20 cm diameter (but it can be on the size you prefer) non-stick frying pan until
hot, drizzle a little oil over the center and wipe around the pan with a piece of kitchen
paper. Pour a little of the batter into the pan and immediately tilt the pan to spread the
batter evenly over the base of the pan. Cook for 2 minutes or until the top is set and
the base golden. Flip over using a spatula and cook for a further 1-2 mins or until the
base is golden. Make another 7 pancakes in the same way and set them aside.

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