Why Recipes to Connect?

Passion… This is what is all about!

We love food, traveling, taking pictures, learning about new cultures, understanding people, and listening to other’s points of view. 

Then we mix all the ingredients with passion and serve our cups of coffee full of stories. A coffee that you can have starting your day.

And here we share with you.

Recipes to Connect is storytelling of our everyday life, a playback of the “old days”, a shirt watch to the future.

Recipes to Connect is a video of our recipes, a photo of a plate, or information regarding new trends.

Recipes to Connect is a full immersion of a family in a new Country and an open-minded reflection around our time.

Any suggestion and experience you want to share are welcomed.



Who we are?

A Family! A Chef, a Language Teacher, and a student.

Italians and Russians with a touch of Chile.

We can communicate in Italian, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German.

Due to the job, we visited 3 continents: Europe, Asia, South America. 

For the same reason, we lived in Russia, Greece, The Netherlands, Switzerland; India; Jordan; Hong Kong and Chile.

Con toda la fe!
“La Esperanza es desear que algo suceda, la fe es creer que va a suceder, y la valentía es hacer que suceda”Re